Our Story

In my professional journey as a lawyer, I observed that most of my friends and colleagues suffered from life-style diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. since around 30-35 years of age. Further research indicated that most of us suffered from hidden hunger i.e. the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Factors such as increasing stress, tight deadlines, lack of awareness of food, etc. could be attributed to them. The solution was simple – just pop a pill.


However , this led me to embark on a quest to find natural power-house of nutrition. Thereafter, we discovered microgreens and its power to heal the human body.


At Farm2Fam, we have embarked on a journey to make available the most fresh, nutritious and flavorful superfood to all – live microgreens.

We are located in Mumbai, India.


Having combined the knowledge of Indian agriculture with the science of nutrition, our strong and healthy live micro-greens are delivered to your doorstep by our robust logistical partners.


We use certified organic soilless potting mix specially formulated for the growth of micro-greens. From days to even months, we nurture each micro-green seedling to its fullest potential. Human touch is our secret ingredient. Our micro-greens have exceptional color, are bursting with flavor and have outstanding keeping quality due to the care and attention we give to our growing methods. We love to grow them. We alsolove toeat them and you will too!

For all your Micro-Green needs.